Deaf Mental Health

What is Mental Health and Why is it Important?

Everyone has feelings and emotions. Also everyone has stressful times in their lives. Stress can be about happy events like starting a new job, getting married, buying a house, having a baby. Stress can also be about difficult or sad times like losing your job, getting a divorce, becoming very sick, someone you care about dying.

Sometimes we are happy and settled. Our mental health is good.

Other times, we may feel very sad or that life is overwhelming and painful. This can impact on our mental health and we need help to manage the difficult time and the difficult feelings.

It is OK to ask for help. Sometimes the help from family or friends is enough. Other times, we may need more help from our doctor (GP) or from a psychologist or counsellor.

Having good mental health is important because our bodies and our minds are connected. What happens in our bodies impacts our mind (mental health) and what happens in our minds impacts on our bodies.

What mental health services can Karli Health Centre offer Deaf and Hard of Hearing People?

Karli Health Centre provides a place where deafness is not a barrier. All services can be provided in Auslan or in English.

People living with deafness know that communication is often a barrier. Community health services are not usually “deaf friendly”.

At Karli Health Centre, we provide both counselling services and yoga therapy. Why? Because we believe to have good mental health we need to work on several levels.

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