Deaf Group Therapy

In brief:

  • Deaf therapist is qualified, registered and has 20+ years of experience working with Deaf and hard of hearing people
  • NDIS funding can be used for group therapy
  • Groups can be at our Blackburn office or another location
  • Group therapy is in Auslan with a Deaf therapist (no interpreter)
  • Contact us to find out more

What Does Group Therapy Mean?

In group therapy, a small number of people work together with a therapist. In this group therapy, everyone is Deaf and the language used is Auslan.

Why Have Group Therapy?

Sometimes people find it useful to work together as a group because they can learn from each other as well as from the therapist. Skills that can be learned in our supportive group environment include:

  • communication and language skills
  • empathetic skills (understanding how others feel)
  • vocabulary about feelings (understanding your feelings and how to talk about them)
  • negotiation and interpersonal skills (how to get along with other people)

Why is Having Group Therapy in Auslan Important?

Most people who go to group therapy go to a group where their primary language is used. This is because it is how they feel most comfortable. Deaf people are the same. They are more comfortable and can engage more successfully in Auslan.