Yoga & Yoga Therapy – Managing Anxiety and Stress

Originally, Karli Health Centre provided group classes in yoga practices. We have a number of highly-experienced yoga instructors on our staff and some are undertaking further study in yoga therapy.

We do still run some group classes, contact us for further details.

[currently online due to Covid-19 restrictions]

Yoga Therapy

As our service has evolved, we now see the need for individual programs, created in conjunction with counsellors, that use yoga techniques to meet the needs of clients.  These individual sessions are empowering and support clients in managing anxiety and stress.  The aim is to support clients to develop their own internal management skills utilising differing yoga tools, including:  breathing, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and Asana (yoga postures).

Yoga instructors are supervised to ensure that change is client well-being is managed effectively.

At the moment, with the Covid-19 virus, online groups have become very popular.  We have an online Women’s Yoga Therapy Group, contact us for details.  What some participants have said about online yoga:

  • “Thanks for the yoga program. I think I’m not quite open to sharing myself with the group. But I learnt a bit about other people and how common the aches and pains are. It was my first-time doing yoga and it proves how inflexible I am!”
  • “It was interesting meeting other women. The gallery version is smaller, and I find I concentrate harder hence get tired. Maybe three people only, bigger gallery size? Look forward to doing more yoga therapy.”

Yoga and Healthy Eating Retreat 

From time-to-time, Karli Health Centre offers retreats that focus on yoga and the importance of healthy eating. Contact us for further details.


In March 2020, I had my first lesson with Leesa after suffering a traumatic injury (c2-c3 incomplete quadriplegic).  I was very hesitant at our first meeting both due to yoga being something new and also conscious that my physical limitations may not enable me to perform yoga.

Leesa was very understanding of my situation explaining how her yoga class operates and gave me a sense of ease.  Since that first experience I have been having weekly classes with Leesa (she is always punctual and professional and cares greatly about her clients).

Leesa continues to provide gradual increases in our yoga practice with a focus to increasing my core strength, balance and flexibility without putting myself in danger.

Thanks to Leesa’s efforts I have increased my strength, balance and flexibility which has enabled me to live a greater quality of life improved my ability to walk and even start back on running and swimming.  I would highly recommend Leesa as a teacher to anyone wanting to improve their core strength, balance, flexibility and address nerve damage.