Karli Health Centre Services also offers

Deaf Bushwalking Victoria in Auslan – We organise bushwalks for everyone Deaf, hard-of-hearing, new signers and interpreters.  Walking with like-minded friends is a great way to get and stay fit mentally and physically.  It is free to join.

GP Health Program  – Do you have questions that are not really answered properly by your own local GP and do you feel you want to take control of your health but feel powerless?  Dr Leonora has made a series of short video clips in Auslan, you can have a look at them on Leonora’s Youtube channel.

Yoga and Healthy Eating Retreats – Karli Health Centre offers residential and non-residential yoga and healthy eating retreats and workshops about three times per year in Auslan.  Deaf, hard-of-hearing, new signers and interpreters are welcome. You can request to join Karli’s Yoga Private group on Facebook for update Auslan video clips and yoga discussion.

Other topics can be requested; examples include: parenting skills, assertiveness training, communication skills, anger management and managing ADHD.