Therapy Assistants – Building Capacity

Karli Health Centre has trained and experienced Therapy Assistants who work closely together with Counsellors, assisting clients to make practical changes in their lives to increase their capacity and participation in the community. Therapy Assistants can also support clients to increase their language and communication skills. This is done by modelling Auslan, working to increase both passive and active vocabulary as well as modelling effective communication strategies.

As each client’s needs and challenges are different, this is a highly responsive service to ensure that the client’s needs are being met and that goals have the greatest chance of being achieved. A range of strategies including mindfulness, exposure and education are used to support clients as they make changes in their lives.

Therapy Assistants are supervised by the Counsellor working with the client to ensure that change is managed effectively.

Therapy Assistants (Yoga) – Building Capacity

Karli Health Centre also provides Therapy Assistants who have a background in teaching yoga and meditation.  Yoga can help improve mental and physical health functioning.  Under the direction of our Clinical Counsellor, Karli Health Centre yoga teachers provide individual yoga training (including designing programs for yoga at home) aimed at improving the mental health of our clients.

These individual sessions are empowering and support clients in managing anxiety and stress.  The aim is to support clients to develop their own internal management skills utilising differing yoga tools, including:  breathing, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and Asana (yoga postures).

Contact us for information regarding the cost of an individual yoga program.