What Anonymous (Deaf participants) had to say about the Live Zoom Webinar in Auslan – Deaf Trauma – Psychoeducation by Karli Dettman:

“I quite enjoyed it. I could sit down comfortably on my couch without any distractions and focus. I love it. Great topic. Good pace. Powerpoints are interesting and informative. When someone said something Karli was good to keep things moving and keep returning to the topic. Dont want to waste time discussing on specific sign for word etc.  Great job, Karli.”

“This webinar (depending on the participant) can be self-educational, educational, therapeutic, informative. Experience of correspondence external learning can be at one’s own pace of learning reading the notes and diagrams. Online video-chat or “zoom” webinar plus a social gathering in the park face-to face can be good for the balance of meeting other people in different ways.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed watched role play how you resolve conflict with partners and family. Great content and advice.”