What Travis had to say about Karli Health Centre:

I found Karli’s website quite by accident after my Physiotherapist recommended I try yoga to improve both my strength and flexibility after suffering a traumatic injury (c2-c3 incomplete quadriplegic).  Karli Health is a very professionally run organisation and they provided me with customised therapy to suit my needs and enable me to get the most out of their services provided.

I started my yoga journey in March 2020 and am really pleased with both my teacher and also the results being improved strength, much better balance and greater flexibility, this has translated into a much better quality of life for me and also enabled me to improve my walking and even get back to running.

I would highly recommend trying Karli Health’s yoga services for anyone who has experienced nerve damage, muscle weakness or balance issues.

What Anonymous had to say about counselling with Karli:

I really appreciate the time and effort you have taken to help me. You have gone above and beyond what I asked for so thank you very much indeed.

What Michele had to say about online yoga:

You’ll be happy to know that I have found online Yoga … and Savasana is now my favourite part of the day. I can even stay in plank or all fours without my wrists hurting and I can do resting child’s pose … Thank You, Karli for introducing me to the magical world of Yoga” …. for opening up a world of relaxation – you know I needed it – lol’.

What Anonymous had to say about Karli Health Centre’s online Deaf Women’s Recovery Program:

I have been joined “The Deaf Women’s Recovery Program” that has helpful me to have easy deaf-friendly, understanding each other to supportive with this difficulties time of domestic violence or others support needs and there no other support group out there for deaf community which Berry Street had found “Karli Health Centre” and I was refer to Karli and she put me in the group which I feel alots better to communicate in same Auslan and I have been with hearing support group also using my NDIS funding for Auslan interpreters which not enough to cover this and I find hard to catch up that everyone talk too fast etc… I was lost without support that I need until I joined the Deaf Women’s Recovery group kindly thank you to Karli for setting this up.

What Anonymous had to say about counselling with Pip Cody:

I have sessions with Pip on a regular basis. She is warm, funny and caring. Nothing phases Pip you can talk to her about anything. She understands deaf culture. She listens to everything intently and gives great feedback including some tips on another way of dealing with an issue. This means better mental health and better wellness overall as I progress in my journey. This doesn’t mean I don’t have set backs – life is like that and I have a lot to contend with. Pip makes me feel safe and heard when sometimes my world feels like it is chaotic and stressful. I always look forward to talking to Pip.  I’m glad I found your organisation and talked to you that day over video.

What Tash – NDIS Support Coordinator – had to say about Karli Health Centre’s counselling services:

I always hear great feedback about your service and how much easier it is to communicate directly with their counsellor!!

What Ginny had to say about Leesa Selwyn, yoga teacher:

I am really enjoying the sessions with Leesa and I can see and feel that it is having a really positive effect on my health both body and mind. My balance is improving and I feel like my chest is opening up and because of the focus on breath within the sessions I can feel the benefit of improved breathing on my well being.  This is the first time that I have been able to do yoga as I don’t have to have my eyes closed or not be able to see the instructor. I have a remote speaker near me and whilst I don’t always hear everything I can pick up what Leesa is doing and she is very observant and corrects me and repeats anything I don’t follow. Leesa is a fantastic teacher and I really think she is a great fit for me.

What Naomi had to say about Natalie Sandon-Stanhope, yoga teacher:

I have been recommended to put in fantastic yoga’s class [teacher is Natalie] via online due to lockdown that I have been learning to focus with breathing to improving with my health and minds while I was in very stressful time and I also have an injury shoulder which Natalie had been helping me through with this and I have learned new things with her class which it’s had helpful me to stay relaxing to focus on myself at home and I had to take a break for few months and I would love to have her again next year to keep going with class to learn more new things.

What Andrew had to say about Karli Dettman, yoga teacher:

“Inspiration” is the first word that I hear when I think of you. Like a breath of fresh air in the holiest of lands you infuse a room with you magnificent energy. Your Light is great, your heart radiant, you mind sharp, and your intentions altruistic! Your eyes ooze with such love, warmth and brilliance and they speak of kindness, caring and integrity. Your incredible skill of articulation is a special gift indeed and you have such a special way with words that it was such a delight to hear their enormous Power. Do you hear the voice of the Divine as clearly as I hear you … does the God and Goddess speak to you in signs and signals of this physical world. Just listen … listen … listen deep inside your heart and know that when we pray we are asking and God is listening. When we mediate God is asking and we are listening. Take with you the Art of Completion and Embrace your path for humanity. I know you will, for you are such a magnificent soul. I Thank you dear Karli, for being my teacher and for reminding me that no matter what life gives us we can always make the best of it, if we can view if with different eyes and always listen with our third ear. You are my inspiration. I thank you, I honour you … Namaste