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Treat yourself to some “me time” with 3 days of health and well-being activities at the peninsula hot springs with Karli and Leesa.

3 days/2 nights at Peninsula Hot Springs, facilitated by KHC HEALTH RETREAT

  • Enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch and dinners catered by the world class, Peninsula Hot Springs restaurant and café.
  • Discover the health benefits of geothermal mineral bathing.
  • Learn about and experience “fire & ice” and clay therapies.
  • Participate in an intentional selection of health and wellness filled talks and classes with Karli and Leesa, all in Auslan.

We will guide you through yoga evidence-based practice including breathing, relaxation, meditation techniques and mindfulness activities.

  • Nature immersion and mindfulness experience.
  • Learn, relax and unwind with Deaf people from around Australia.
  • Continue to achieve your personal goals with a tailored well-being program to take home just for you!

Wednesday, 24th May 2pm to Friday, 26th May 1pm

Peninsula Hot Springs on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne VIC

Peninsula Hot Springs’ beautiful, private, on-site glamping area is the perfect place for our KHC group to relax, have time out and create space for inner peace and harmony.

Geothermal Bathing

A ‘Hot Spring’ is a natural spring of geothermal water that has emerged from the earth’s crust and so it has been heated as it arrives to the surface.

Soaking in these waters have numerous health benefits.

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