Karli is a Senior Yoga Teacher as well as a Yoga Therapist.

Karli has studied with well-known, international yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

At the moment, Karli is following Saraswathi Vasudevan’s (also known as Sara) teachings and creates individualised yoga programs for clients. Karli attended a two- week, Sara program of yoga therapy personal development in Chennai, India in January 2020. She was there with other 20 women, mostly from the Yoga Institute, Sydney. In 2022, she obtained her Advanced Diploma in Yoga Therapy from the Yoga Institute. Karli will attend Saraswathi’ retreat in April 2023 in Trenthall for further personal yoga therapy studies.

Karli’s Yoga Journey

Since Karli was in her 20s, she has always been fascinated with yoga, but being deaf has prevented her from attending retreats to learn to become a yoga teacher. She was very happy to meet two deaf people who can sign; one in Washington, DC (1996-1997) and a yoga teacher in UK (1999-2001).

In 2006, Karli graduated from the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (a two year accredited course, comprised of 1000 study hours that was founded by Leigh Blashki) at the CAE (Centre for Adult Education), Melbourne, Australia.

Following this, she attended three intensive week-long courses with founder Donna Farhi between 2016 – 2020. As well, she completed an Advanced Diploma in Yoga Therapy between 2018 – 2022, with Yoga Institute founder, Michael De Manincor.

Yoga is a lifelong study of our mind, emotions/spirit and body to have a happy and balanced lifestyle.

Join Karli to learn everything about your body, emotions, spirit and the mind and you will learn how to manage it better!. She will take her time to get to know you and provide you with a personal yoga program, tailored just for you. You can review your program with Karli once a month on last Friday every month 10 am – 2pm. Other times, by negotiation.