I have moved back home.  I really enjoyed your classes and will miss you… However I continue my own practice now and will find as good a yoga instructor as you ( here on Gold Coast.  I am interested in attending if possible when you come to do weekends …at Mt Glorious again. So thank you for everything you helped us so much and your support with emotional and spiritual sensitivity had been much appreciated.  (Hearing interpreter)

I am battling illness for few years. I used to love yoga but I had to stop for a while because I was too ill. When I started to feel better, I attended Karli yoga classes once a week last Term. I can see the benefits to my body and mind. My anxiety is much less. My New Year Resolution is to taking full control of my health. I am not letting the illness control me. I attend Karli’s class once a week and do yoga every morning at home using Karli’s DVD or books or remember from Karli’s class. Thank you Karli!” (Deaf participant )

“The Yoga on sunday was amazing although I felt very sore the next day and a bit stiff in my lower back I think I actually felt better than I have in a long time. I always believed the body stored and carried memories whether they be traumatic or pleasant and I felt as though my body recalled the yoga I have done all those years ago (20years) I think it is going to really help on many levels…..I thought your class was one of the best I have been to & I have been to many…!!!” (hearing interpreter)

“Yoga class was amazing! I am feeling clearer and am standing up straighter. Muscles are a little sore, but I can feel it is good for me and my muscles.” (hearing new signer)

We both really enjoyed your yoga class on Sunday morning. Relaxing and friendly… I feel better just from one session and am so aware of my breathing today and it’s amazing how helpful this will be for myself”.  (hearing interpreter)

“It was a great class. I had an awful day yesterday and the yoga class was so relaxing and I went away feeling like a new person. Thank you.”  (hearing, visual challenged)

“After practising yoga on and off for years, it was only in Deaf yoga that I started to understand breathing and philosophy behind each posture, and how the postures may link up. (hard of hearing participant)

“I would like to say I really enjoyed this morning. I was feeling tall when I left the class this morning! I went to yoga classes couple of years back under a hearing person’s instructions but today I felt comfortable and impressed with today’s class. Many thanks and look forward to next class!” (Deaf participant)

“Inspiration” is the first word that I hear when I think of you. Like a breath of fresh air in the holiest of lands you infuse a room with you magnificent energy. Your Light is great , your heart radiant, you mind sharp, and your intentions altruistic! You eyes ooze with such love, warmth and brilliance and they speak of kindness, caring and integrity. Your incredible skill of articulation is a special gift indeed and you have such a special way with words that it was such a delight to hear their enormous Power. Do you hear the voice of the Divine as clearly as I hear you…Does the God and Goddess speak to you in signs and signals of this physical world. Just listen…listen…listen deep inside your Heart and know that when we pray we are asking and God is Listening. When we mediate God is asking and we are listening. Take with you the Art of Completion and Embrace your path for humanity. I know you will, for you are such a magnificent soul. I Thank you dear Karli, for being my teacher and for reminding me that no matter what life gives us we can always make the best of it, if we can view if with different eyes and always listen with our third ear. You are my inspiration. I thank you I honour you Namaste” Andrew Mournehis, Yoga Teacher, Advanced Diplomia in Yogic Teaching, Centre Adult Education.