Regular Karli Yoga Classes in Auslan

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Karli loves yoga passionately. She has been practicing Hatha Yoga for about 25 years. Karli has been teaching Hatha Yoga for 12 years in Melbourne and interstate. This year 2018, she became the first Deaf Senior Yoga Teacher in Australia.

In her early twenties, she has always been fascinated with yoga. She finally learned how to practice yoga with deaf instructors in USA in early 1990s and UK in early 2000s. In late 2004, she studied a course, Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at CAE in conjunction with The Australian Institute of Yoga ( She studied two years full time with Auslan interpreters provided.

Karli has studied with different teachers including Donna Farhi, Desikachar and Mohan. Karli also reads widely and attended a variety of Hatha yoga classes and workshops including Iyengar, Gita, Yin Yoga, and “Hot” Yoga, Children Yoga, Life-force Yoga. She has developed her own style based on breathing and movement (Viniyoga),  relaxation and walking meditation. She enjoys practicing mindfulness and relaxation every day to keep her mind focussed and trained.

Karli’s classes, workshops and retreats are often varied depends each class and individual’s needs.

  • Yoga asana (yoga postures) including correct posture alignment
  • Yoga pranayama (Proper breathing)
  • Relaxation classes
  • Meditation classes
  • Yoga for special needs including pre-natal, post-natal, children, and seniors.
  • Yogic philosophies

Historically and still today, Deaf people enjoy meeting together to share a common language, Auslan, and celebrate Deaf culture, for example Deaf theatre or Deaf sports. Yoga is another area, a common interest, for Deaf people meet to learn and practice yoga in Auslan settings that is accessible. Yoga can be modified and adapted for Deaf people who are visually orientated. For example, there is no need to close eyes or have the music on during meditation.

Facebook Online Accessible Yoga for Deaf, HOH, new signers and interpreters. 

Karli has set up Karli Yoga Private Group on Facebook to encourage and continue personal yoga practice at home and to ask questions, share observations, comments and video clips with other like-minded friends, all in Auslan.   Karli uploads her yoga practice and yoga talks via video clips weekly.  Joining is free for the first month.  Thereafter, a small payment is requested to continue this fantastic network online.

Karli can be contacted for one to one yoga session or interstate yoga retreats.

For Hearing Yoga Teacher

For hearing teachers who want to teach Deaf people: It is important that you learn Auslan fluently and immerse into the Deaf community. It may take a few years to feel a part of the Deaf community. It is like learning a new language in a new country. Please feel free to contact Karli for more information.

Please enquire for further details at Private enquires can be directed to