The publication The Art of Healing dated 1 March 2018 released Melissa Thompson’s article “Shining the Spotlight of Awareness onto Mental Health and the Deaf Community with Yoga”.  See an Auslan version of the article and the English version Art of Healing March 2018.

Yoga and Yoga Therapy at Karli Health Centre

Originally, Karli Health Centre provided group classes in yoga practices. We have a number of highly-experienced yoga instructors on our staff and some are undertaking further study in yoga therapy.

We do still run some group classes, contact us for further details.

Yoga Therapy

As our service has evolved, we now see the need for individual programs, created in conjunction with counsellors, that use yoga techniques to meet the needs of clients.  These individual sessions are empowering and support clients in managing anxiety and stress.  The aim is to support clients to develop their own internal management skills utilising differing yoga tools, including:  breathing, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and Asana (yoga postures).

Yoga instructors are supervised to ensure that change is client well-being is managed effectively.

Yoga and Healthy Eating Retreat 

From time-to-time, Karli Health Centre offers retreats that focus on yoga and the importance of healthy eating. Contact us for further details.