Counselling Services Specifically for People who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing & Their Families

Our clinical counselling team – Karli Dettman, Pip Cody and Cathy Goodman – are available to provide counselling to manage the following areas:

• mental health problems
• identity issues
• stress and anxiety
• anger
• relationship difficulties
• feeling overwhelmed and not able to cope day to day
• group therapy

Counselling is available at our Blackburn office and other locations, by negotiation. Online counselling in Auslan using Skype™ is also available (click here to view an Auslan video about it). This service is aimed at deaf people living in the country, interstate or even overseas. Many deaf people prefer to see a Counsellor who is fluent in Auslan and so it is not necessary to use an interpreter.

Clients can use our counselling services by:

• seeing their GP for a mental health plan
• including counselling in their NDIS plan (provider number 45839156). 
Click here to watch an Auslan video
• paying as a private client – private health insurance may help with the cost

For more information, contact us.


Thanks must go to Simon Smith for the two above images