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Karli is pleased to confirm the wellbeing group program is now offered online or face to face.  This focused program is designed to enable participants to learn a variety of wellbeing tools to regulate breathing and to increase self-regulation to manage anxiety or stress symptoms more effectively.

By the end of this course learners will be able to

  • Apply a variety of yoga therapy tools to alleviate anxiety or/and stress
  • Have a regular personal practice program at home.
  • And make definite lifestyle changes
  • Start helping others

Dates: Fridays 16, 23, 30 September and 7, 14, and 21 October 4 pm
Duration: 6 week program with 60 minutes in each session
Limited numbers:  6 participants.
Face to Face or Online are offered 

Who is Karli Dettman?

Karli is a passionate yoga therapy trainee, senior yoga teacher and mental health counsellor. She is also Deaf and uses Auslan as her primary language.  She is aiming to complete her 650 hours Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy with Yoga institute, Sydney by the end of December 2022.  This qualification is in addition to the Advanced Diploma in yoga teaching she completed in 2005.

Right now, she is investigating and writing about the benefits of yoga-based interventions (yoga postures, breath control, relaxation and meditation) for anxiety management.  In her yoga therapy course, Karli has studied the various yoga therapy tools including breath-centred asanas, intention, relaxation (yoga nidra/i-rest), movement and breath work, inner resources/life goals, visualisation/imagery, compassion/gratitude and mindfulness, sitting and walking meditation techniques, and yoga psychology and philosophy including Ayurveda and so much more.
She is more than happy to provide you with a hands on /experimental wellbeing group program which can be used to:

  • manage your mild anxiety and/or stress
  • just to stay well to effectively manage your physical and mental health
  • to continue to look after your clients, family and friends as well as the community.

Personal experience
Karli practises relaxation every day, and has done so since she was 15 years old; she experimented using relaxation technique, accidentally finding that it made her feel energised, calm, with a clear and focussed mind.  She started to practise yoga postures regularly with a group of Deaf friends in USA when she was in her mid-twenties, which started her on the yoga journey.  Today, she practises a wide range of yoga therapy tools daily and which include yoga-asana programs integrated with pranayama, relaxation and meditation techniques.  She believes viniyoga is the answer to making life more meaningful and allowing the individual to be present.  “Viniyoga is a style of Hatha yoga that promotes the personalization of yoga practices to suit each individual yogi” (,22 May 2017).

Wellbeing group program  
In the face to face and online group work she will teach and guide you using various yoga therapy tools specific for each individual’s temperament, personality, and body type.
Karli also works with each individual on a yoga program to take home and practise regularly.   Karli can provide training for small groups between 6-12 persons and is supported by therapy assistants who work alongside with in this program.
Finally, to stay well, the secret is to practice every day. Will you join Karli to do this for yourself to increase self-love, compassion and gratitude for your personal life, work and your loved ones?

Course/Program information
The 6 week yoga program, you will learn topics such as: 

  • Explore your mind-body experience
  • Explore your breathing patterns
  • Explore/coordinate your movement and breathing (introduction to vinayasa)
  • Relaxation training (Yoga Nidra/i-rest)
  • Meditation training
  • Wrap up – How to make definite changes to your lifestyle and support your community more effectively

The six-session yoga therapy program consists of:
Session 1
Topic:  Explore your mind-body
Why?  Increase self-mind-body awareness including emotions
Session 2
Topic:  Explore breathing patterns
Why? Regulates correct breathing and increases self-control
Session 3
Topic: Explore/coordinate movement and breathing (introduction to vinayasa)
Why?  How we move and breath facilities our mind-body connection and calms the nervous system (parasympathetic nervous system is increased)
Session 4 
Topic:   i-rest/relaxation training
Why:  to understand and separate the different layers in our bodies
Session 5 
Topic:  Meditation training
Why?   Mediation techniques teach us to manage our emotions and thoughts in order to start focussing
Session 6
Topic: Wrap up, review, revise and share with your community
Why? To review what we have learned during the six sessions and to make definite changes to lifestyle and how to influence/share your practice to your clients.

Further follow up programs can be requested by emailing or calling Ali at or 0422 136 050

  • Wellbeing Group program Part 2 with our other yoga teachers
  • 6 week Communication skills with our other therapy assistants
  • Pain management program with a therapy assistant trained in neuro linguistic programming
  • Deaf trauma webinar with Karli