Friday 15th – Monday 18th September 2023

Arrive: 3:30pm (sharp)
Depart: Monday 11:30am



 *ALL INCLUSIVE* 4 days / 3 nights overnight stay in a Deluxe retreat house.

  • Beautiful & secluded accomodation surrounded by nature

  • Healthy gut workshop with Deaf Chef Ross

  • Delicious meals catered by our special Ayurvedic healthy food chef

  • Morning & afternoon schedule filled with educational yoga-based interventions, breathing, relaxation, meditation techniques and mindfulness activities

  • Take home personal tailored yoga program

Heathy Gut workshop with Deaf Chef Ross


                                                Deaf Chef Ross –  Healthy Eating Workshop with Deaf Chef Ross  – Talk About Food

Deaf Chef Ross is a long time friend of Karli Health, running retreats together in the past.
We love Ross’s approach to healthy cooking and education that we have invited him to visit us and teach us a 3 hour healthy eating workshop!
We are so excited to learn new ways to create health in the kitchen.

You can see the Deaf Chef Ross youtube for more info

Topics covered:

  • Why are nutrients so important for our gut health? 
  • Health and unhealthy foods/drinks discussed 
  • Healthy ways of eating/drinking
  • Ideas for home-cooked meals

Spice up Your Cooking

with Ayurvedic Practitioner  and Chef, Phillipa Joy (Adv Dip Ayur)

Ayurveda, an ancient holistic medicine originating from India, has a main philosophy that “food is medicine”.  Each and every food plant in its natural form has specific qualities and characteristics that can become medicine for the body.   Kitchen spices and herbs have a tremendous therapeutic power that can improve digestion, circulation, metabolism, immunity and more.  High in polyphenols – the active micronutrients – herbs and spices can have a profound, positive effect on our systems.  Prepared in the correct way they can bring quick relief to a common ailment, often more safely than western medicine as there are very few side effects.

Topics covered:

  • The 6 tastes of Ayurveda – sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter and astringent – and how applying this formula to spices can help select the right spices for a dish or remedy
  • Learn the therapeutic properties of common kitchen herbs and spices
  • How best to cook with ground and whole spices
  • making a vagar/tempering (practical)
  • making a ground churna/masala mix (practical)
  • How to infuse decoctions of herbs and spices for drinks (practical)
  • Recipes for remedies of common ailments

Digital Detox – This time is for you!

Switch off from the outside world

This retreat is an opportunity for a mind & body digital detox.

This means we can take a break from the constant distractions which are our phones and being available 24/7.

Tell your friends and family that you are going away for a special time to ‘switch off’ from everyday life.

When we do this, even for a short time, it can have a wonderful effect and maybe change how much we are addicted to our phones.

This is for you, to create new habits and feel safe without your phone

One of our past retreat participants told us they now try to turn off the phone 1 day a week as they enjoyed the down time of not being contactable all the time.

Please see Karli’s Digital Detox Auslan Video from previous Retreat at Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs for more info.

How many hours a day do you spend on your phone and social media?

Do you feel anxious if you leave the house without your phone?

Do you sleep with your phone next to your bed?

Do you try to capture every moment with photos and videos?

These behaviours can interfere with a healthy connection with the world and the ability to be in the moment.

If you choose to do the full, or even part of the digital detox experience, you can give your family or friends two phone numbers in case they need to get in touch with you.
Of course if there is an emergency, you will have access to your phone.

You can use your NDIS funds:

Innovation Community Participation09_008_0116_6_3KHC is registered for this support.
Community Participation Activities09_011_0125_6_3Suitable for Self or Plan managed
Community Social and Recreational Activities04_210_0125_6_1Suitable for Self or Plan managed
Therapeutic Service15_053_0128_1_3KHC is registered for this support.
Therapy Assistant Level 2 (standard)
Therapeutic Service15_053_0128_1_3KHC is registered for this support.

In the Yarra Valley, Melbourne VIC

Situated on Wurundjeri land, amidst 25 acres of pristine rainforest to explore. Our beautiful treehouse retreat is the perfect place to have time out from busy lives and create space for inner peace and harmony.

Non refundable DEPOSIT $200 to secure your spot by
28th JULY 2023

Karli is a Clinical Counsellor, Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. For the Yoga and Mindfulness program, Karli will provide Group sessions.

She will facilitate self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth via Yoga, Mindfulness and i-rest practices to help you to find your inner resources to live a well-balanced lifestyle. After the retreat, if you wish, Karli can design a yoga program for practice regularly and it can be reviewed once a month.

Leesa has been a yoga and meditation teacher for over 16 years, has run over 11,000 yoga classes and led four group retreats in Bali. She is passionate, and intuitive, designing individual programs to support and achieve clients diverse wellbeing goals.

Leesa has three certified yoga teacher qualifications, (2008, 2012, 2018), a Diploma of Auslan (2003) Diploma of interpreting (2011) and offers Mental Health support in the areas of trauma, ACT, person centred and holistic approaches.