Karli Dettman
Karli DettmanDeaf Clinical Counsellor
Karli is a Clinical Counsellor and Senior Yoga Teacher, and is Deaf and fluent in Auslan. She has a MA degree in Mental Health Counselling (from Gallaudet University at Washington D.C., USA) in 1998 as well as a BA in psychology and developmental drama in 1996. She also completed a foundation certificate in family therapy (London, UK) in 2000. Karli is a member (Level 4) of the Australian Counselling Association. She is bound by its Code of Conduct, and subject to its complaints procedure. A personal Indemnity Insurance also covers her service. Counselling brochures & Code of Conduct booklets are available on request.
Cathy Goodman
Cathy GoodmanClinical Psychologist
Cathy is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice. Her work experience encompasses drug and alcohol and adult / adolescent psychiatric services. Prior to private practice she worked for both Western Health and Eastern Health providing direct patient services, research, supervision to mental health staff, and education to mental health staff.
Cathy is experienced in provision of psychological support to adults and adolescents with a variety of mental health difficulties. She has worked with other language interpreters, and is interested in gaining experience in working with clients from the Deaf community alongside Auslan interpreters.
Dr Leonora White
Dr Leonora WhiteGP Health
Dr Leonora White is a GP (family doctor) in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. She has worked in a variety of jobs in hospitals, rural Victoria and Melbourne. She usually sees people with all sorts of problems – mental illness, women’s health, men’s health, children and babies with illnesses or behavioural problems, chronic disease, and preventative health. Many years ago she decided to learn Auslan because she thought it looked like a fascinating language. She makes educational Auslan videos about our health as she is passionate about people having all the information they need to be able to look after their own mental and physical health.
Natalie Sandon-Stanhope
Natalie Sandon-StanhopeYoga Teacher
Natalie Sandon-Stanhope is a new Yoga Teacher who has joined Karli’s Yoga Team. She obtained Diploma in Yoga Teaching from Academy of Yoga Learning at CAE in Melbourne in 2015. She has practiced various forms of yoga for over 11 years and will teach classic Hatha yoga with contemporary influences. Natalie is excited to have the opportunity to share what she has learnt so far about yoga with other interested people.
Irene Holub
Irene HolubYoga Teacher
Irene Holub took her first Yoga class in 1983 and hasn’t stopped learning about Yoga practices. As a dedicated practitioner and teacher, she has studied Hatha and Yin Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation with a variety of teachers and is currently registered as a Level 1 teacher. Irene’s passion is connecting with ourselves and our surroundings with yoga, meditation and pranayama. Her style is a mixture of gentle, strong, dynamic and static movements and suitable for beginners and Yogis.